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  • Keystone XL Pipeline Act

    by Representative Gene Green

    Posted on 2015-01-09

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    GREEN of Texas asked and was given permission to revise and extend his remarks.) Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of H.R. 3.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 3, a bill to approve the application for the construction of Keystone XL pipeline.

    I rise in support of this bill because I support North American energy development.

    Today, the Nebraska Supreme Court affirmed that Keystone XL should be built.

    Keystone XL pipeline not the first cross-border pipeline project built in North America.

    But if some opponents had their way, Keystone XL pipeline would be the last pipeline we built in North America.

    Energy prices are at their lowest point in the last decade.

    Energy imports from partners like Canada and Mexico, and domestic production, have put more than $900 a year in the pockets of the American people.

    Keystone XL will continue this success in a time of struggle.

    The United States still imports approximately 40 percent of the oil we use domestically.

    The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has decided to directly challenge the new North American energy market by maintaining, and in some cases, increasing production.

    This is a direct affront to North American producers and an all-out price war.

    This, however, is a struggle we can win, with the help of our North American partners.

    Breakeven prices for North American crude, including Canadian oil sands and United States shale oil, are as low as $40 per barrel.

    Our producers can support our domestic demand while further driving out more expensive competitors.

    Unfortunately, our domestic producers cannot win without cost- effective and environmentally sound transportation.

    Keystone XL offers that advantage and I support it, although I do not believe H.R. 3 is the perfect legislation.

    I believe that oil sands should be subject to the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

    Almost every other source of crude oil that transits the United States is subject to the Trust Fund tax and oil sands should be as well.

    It makes fiscal sense, it makes environmental sense and it makes competitive sense.

    Oil sands should not be favored over any other sources in our country.

    The Keystone XL pipeline is the most scrutinized project in as long as I can remember.

    As we face the 114th Congress, we have real problems that require answers.

    Keystone XL pipeline is good for the United States, it's good for North America and we should support this bill.

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