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  • Kalmbach Feeds 50Th Anniversary

    by Senator Rob Portman

    Posted on 2013-02-26

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    PORTMAN. Madam President, today I wish to congratulate Kalmbach Feeds, a family-owned company, on 50 years of serving Ohio farms and agribusiness. Kalmbach Farms was founded in 1963 by Milton and Ruth Kalmbach, [[Page S868]] and their goal was to ``create a new way of doing business.'' Starting the business with only one truck and one employee, the Kalmbach family opened a mix-and-grind plant in Upper Sandusky, OH. That operation has grown into the large commercial farm it is today.

    Kalmbach Farms has been on the forefront of feed production. The farm manufactures and sells nutritional products for all livestock and poultry species and has been devoted to providing customers feed at a fair price. The Kalmbach family has been able to expand its business model to include nutritional products for mink, wildlife, swine, and pets. With branches in both Michigan and Indiana, Kalmbach Farms' products are regional leaders in the animal nutrition industry and are distributed in several States, including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, and New York.

    Kalmbach Farms is now run by Milton and Ruth's son, Paul Kalmbach. This proud Ohio company employs over 250 people, and since the business began there has not been a single layoff. Kalmbach Feeds is continuing to look to the future by expanding the business and offering more employment opportunities for individuals interested in agriculture. I would like to congratulate the Kalmbach family on their 50 years of quality service.


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