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  • Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

    by Senator John Cornyn

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    CORNYN. Madam President, I thank the senior Senator from New York, my friend, Senator Schumer, for working on this bipartisan legislation. It is a good example of the kinds of things we can do working together. Even though he and I come from different parts of the country and different political parties, he has been a good partner on a number of things that we have worked on together, and I am hoping we are setting in place some good habits that will continue on in the next Congress.

    [[Page S6660]] I agree with Senator Schumer that JASTA is a good example of the kind of good work we can do together to solve problems facing our Nation. This bill passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee without opposition because of the careful work we were able to do to ensure the bill accomplished its goals while addressing concerns about unintended consequences.

    So I appreciate our work together and look forward to continuing both for the duration of the 113th Congress and the 114th Congress.

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