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  • Iran Nuclear Deal

    by Representative Trent Franks

    Posted on 2015-09-11

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    FRANKS of Arizona. Mr. Speaker, coincidental to the message or the speech that I am about to give, I am reminded, as so many of you are, that this is September the 11th and 14 years ago terrorists, in an evil, devastating act against our country designed to destroy us as a people, attacked the very fabric of the Nation and killed almost 3,000 innocent Americans.

    I pray for their families, and I pray for those who loved those people and still feel the loss within their souls today.

    Mr. Speaker, I also believe that one of the best ways we can honor the people who lost their lives that infamous day is to remember that the price of freedom has always been eternal vigilance.

    We still face a world where jihad has designs on destroying this, the greatest and freest republic in the history of the world.

    And in the name of those we have lost, in the name of those generations still to come, God help us to be vigilant people, as Americans.

    Mr. Speaker, the blood, sacrifice, and noble principles of millions of gallant souls across America's history have made this Nation the unipolar superpower of the entire world. Our international policies now significantly impact the peace and security of the entire human family.

    The very first responsibility of this Nation's government and especially its Commander in Chief is to protect America's national security. The only two ways we have to do that is to prevent any enemy or potential enemy from having the intent and capacity to do us harm. We must make sure that, if there is an enemy with the intent to do us harm, that they do not have the capacity to proceed.

    The intent of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been crystal clear since they took and held 52 American hostages 444 days at the beginning of their radical revolution those 36 years now ago. They have ever since been waging war on America and their own neighbors.

    But the only way the Iranian leaders can ever truly achieve their ultimate goal is to become a nuclear-armed nation.

    Consequently, they have proceeded inexorably in that direction both secretly and openly and obviously for decades until America and the Western world came together with resolutions, sanctions, and warnings of military intervention to halt and dismantle this unspeakably dangerous threat. This pressure finally brought Iran to the negotiating table.

    But now, instead of increasing and using that pressure, President Barack Obama has completely ignored the original commitment that the sanctions would only be dismantled when Iran's nuclear weapons program was dismantled.

    The President blindly accepted whatever deal Iran put on the table and completely forgot who was at the other end of that table.

    Mr. Obama then proceeded to capitulate on every redline and minimum requirement that both he and the United Nations had previously required.

    The President has now squandered away every form of leverage we had against this theocratic radical regime, which has broken every promise it has ever made to us.

    And what did we get in return, Mr. Speaker? We got an insane rope-a- dope, duplicitous, unverifiable, astonishingly unenforceable deal. We got a deal that legitimizes and empowers the most prolific state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

    It obligates America to lift all sanctions, lift bans on Iran's imports of weapons and ballistic missile programs. It allows Iran a protected protocol to enrich uranium and research even more advanced centrifuges.

    It gives them tens of billions of dollars with which they can continue to spread their terror and destabilizing expansionism throughout the word.

    It allows them to continue their human rights abuses, including illegally holding American citizens hostage. And it allows them to keep their entire nuclear infrastructure.

    All the while, the Supreme Leader and ultimate authority in Iran is publicly reaffirming his hatred toward the United States and publicly leading throngs of his supporters in shouting ``Death to America'' and ``Death to Israel.'' Unbelievable.

    Mr. Speaker, Bill Clinton made a far better deal than that, and the result was that the police state of North Korea proceeded to develop nuclear weapons only a few years later.

    Some of our most loyal allies live under that nuclear threat to this day. Now this deal will place America and our vital ally, Israel, under that same nuclear threat tomorrow.

    Mr. Speaker, the Iranian mullahs were intently listening when Barack Obama proclaimed before the United Nations that no nation has the right to pick and choose what nations have nuclear weapons. But I remind him that Iran is a nation that has threatened to destroy America and destroy Israel.

    These same mullahs were watching as Barack Obama knowingly stood by and idly watched as thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq were either butchered, tortured, raped, beheaded, crucified, or burned alive by ISIS. They then knew they had nothing to fear from Barack Obama.

    So the jihadist leaders of Iran came to the nuclear negotiating table with nothing and walked away with everything.

    These are the same Iranian mullahs that openly bragged how their bounties and weapons have killed hundreds of American Marines and soldiers on the battlefield, shattering their families in an unbelievable way.

    What will these leaders do if they have nuclear weapons? Inexplicably, instead of making sure they never get a nuclear weapon, Barack Obama's politically motivated peace-in-our-time capitulation empowers the most dangerous sponsor of terrorism on this Earth and places them on the path to obtain an entire nuclear arsenal.

    [[Page H5973]] Mr. Speaker, unless this Congress or the next President is able to stop this madness, Barack Obama will be on trajectory to be remembered as the father of the Iranian atomic bomb and the one who ultimately nuclearized the entire Middle East, and our children will start down a path that leads through the shadow of nuclear terrorism.

    And whatever the costs there might have been to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons will pale in comparison to the costs of dealing with a nuclear-armed Iran. We must not let that happen, Mr. Speaker.

    Astonishingly, Democrat Senators are now arrogantly filibustering any attempt for the Senate to reject this inexpressibly dangerous deal.

    It is time for the majority leader of the Senate to use the nuclear option in the Senate rules to bring this inexpressibly dangerous nuclear deal with Iran to the Senate floor and vote on and reject it as the treaty that it actually embodies under the Constitution of the United States. If Republicans do not use the nuclear option in our rules, Iran may some day use their nuclear option against our Nation.

    It is September 11, Mr. Speaker. God help us to remember. For the sake of our children and future generations, God help this Congress to reject this treacherous deal and God help us all to focus on the unspeakable importance of the coming elections in America.

    I yield back the balance of my time.


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