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  • Introduction of the Medicare Home Infusion Site of Care Act of 2015

    by Representative Patrick J. Tiberi

    Posted on 2015-01-28

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    TIBERI of ohio in the house of representatives Wednesday, January 28, 2015 Mr. TIBERI. Mr. Speaker, the Medicare Fee-for-Service program stands virtually alone among health care payers in the United States in not fully recognizing the clinical and cost benefits of providing infusion therapy to patients in their homes. Infusion therapy is fully covered by Medicare in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospital outpatient departments, and physician offices, but coverage in patients' homes is very limited. As a result, Medicare beneficiaries in need of infusion therapy usually receive their treatments in health care facilities rather than in their homes, which is the setting that is the most desirable, convenient, and by far the most cost-effective.

    This is unfortunate and unnecessary. In the private sector, the accepted standard of care and practice for over 30 years is to provide infusion therapy at home where medically indicated and when requested by the attending physician. Ironically, patients who have access to this benefit under their private plans lose this coverage when they enroll in Medicare.

    Medicare's lack of coverage for infusion therapy in the home setting can lead to substantial patient and family lifestyle disruptions and costs. Because Medicare only covers infusion services in institutional and limited outpatient settings, the beneficiary either has to travel to a health care facility to receive infusion treatments, sometimes multiple times a day, or remain in a facility for the duration of the therapy.

    Today, Representative Eliot Engel and I are introducing The Medicare Home Infusion Site of Care Act of 2015 so patients can receive the same infusion treatments that they currently receive in facility-based environments in their homes at a lower cost to Medicare. Mr. Speaker, I urge all of my colleagues to support our bill to give patients better quality care at lower costs.


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