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  • Insular Areas and Freely Associated States Energy Development—Continued

    by Senator Ted Cruz

    Posted on 2014-12-13

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    CRUZ. Mr. President, 1 month ago President Obama announced unprecedented Executive amnesty, in direct conflict with the immigration laws passed by Congress. Tonight is the first opportunity that Congress has to express its disapproval.

    A dozen Democrats have publicly criticized the Executive amnesty. Tonight, both Democrats and Republicans will have the opportunity to show America whether they stand with the President, who is defying the will of the voters, or with the millions of Americans who want a safe and legal immigration system.

    This point of order is targeted not to the entire omnibus but specifically to the DHS funding that the President has announced will be spent unconstitutionally.

    If you believe President Obama's amnesty is unconstitutional, vote yes. If you believe President Obama's amnesty is consistent with the Constitution, then vote no. Accordingly, I raise a constitutional point of order against Division L of the pending House amendment, on the grounds that it violates the following provisions of the Constitution: the separation of powers embodied in the vesting clauses of article I, section 1, and article II, section 1; the enumerated powers of Congress, stated in article I, section 8; and the requirement that the President take care that the laws be faithfully executed as stated in article II, section 3.

    It is incumbent on this body to resolve those constitutional questions and to honor and protect the constitutional authority of the United States Congress.

    I ask for the yeas and nays.

    The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Is there a sufficient second? There is a sufficient second.

    The yeas and nays were ordered.

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