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  • Insular Areas and Freely Associated States Energy Development

    by Representative Chaka Fattah

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    FATTAH. Mr. Speaker, in each and every one of our districts throughout the country, in every one of the families situated, there is a concern around neurological-based diseases and disorders--from Alzheimer's to autism, schizophrenia. We could go through the list of 600. But the point is that this work in our committee, on a completely bipartisan basis, we are moving aggressively on neuroscience initiatives. I thank Chairman Rogers for his support, and the ranking member from New York, and I want to thank my partner, Chairman Frank Wolf, for his support on this effort. We launched an initiative to map the brain and do so much more.

    I want to just talk about what is in this bill today. We have the framework for a global fund on Alzheimer's. We have the effort now to bring, for the first time, the national labs into an effort to build a national brain observatory, which is going to bring the scientific arsenal of our country to bear on this war on disease and a better understanding of the human brain.

    We have, in this bill, language that would have the United States create an international conference to bring together the global initiatives in the European Union and Israel and China and other countries, to come together and work on these issues. And we have a new initiative on imaging.

    So I want to just say that there is a lot I could talk about in the CJS portion of the bill, but I want to just say that this effort on the human brain, with some 50 million Americans suffering from brain- related diseases and illnesses, a billion people worldwide, this is something that this Congress can feel is a major achievement, for us to move in a direction and deal with these issues, from addiction to Alzheimer's and everything in between.

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