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    Insular Areas and Freely Associated States Energy Development

    by Former Representative Tom Latham

    Posted on 2014-12-11

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    LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman for the kind words.

    I rise today in strong support of this omnibus appropriations bill. I am particularly proud of the Transportation-Housing and Urban Development division which makes critical investments in our Nation's infrastructure, our air traffic control system, and housing for our neediest citizens.

    The bill requires some tough choices, but it advances our common priorities of responsible government and fiscal restraint. We worked hard to ensure that this final bill includes funding and policy provisions that are a priority for this body.

    We provide funds for the FAA to support the full operations of the air traffic control system and the FAA's investment in NextGen. We meet the MAP-21 extension authorized funding levels for highways and transit. We provide housing funds to assist families served by HUD's housing programs, plus 10,000 new veterans housing vouchers. We provide $3 billion for the Community Development Block Grant program which is a priority for Members of both sides of the aisle.

    Mr. Speaker, I have been honored to serve as chairman of the T-HUD committee for the last 4 years and on the committee for the full 18 years. It has been an amazing experience to see each and every year how the work of this committee works for the people of America.

    I would like to thank my ranking member, Mr. Ed Pastor, with whom it has been a real honor to serve. I wish him well in his retirement, and I know that this body will miss him as much as I will.

    I would also like to thank the staff of the committee who put in countless hours to draft this compromise. I would also like to recognize and thank Doug Bobbitt from my staff for the [[Page H9277]] past 12 years and who has served this institution for nearly three decades.

    Our chairman, Hal Rogers, has demonstrated that you can stick to your principles and still come to a compromise that puts the American people first.

    Mr. Chairman, it has been an honor to serve on this committee and under your leadership. I appreciate very, very much all the kindness and personal things that you and Cynthia have done for Kathy and me. I very much appreciate it.

    I urge Members to support this bill.

    Mrs. LOWEY. Mr. Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from New York (Mr. Serrano), the distinguished ranking member of the Financial Services Subcommittee.


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