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  • Infrastructure Improvements

    by Representative Susan A. Davis

    Posted on 2015-01-27

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    DAVIS of California asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mrs. DAVIS of California. Madam Speaker, I was pleased that the Speaker expressed support for infrastructure improvements on ``60 Minutes'' last Sunday.

    America is in desperate need of repair.

    Officials in San Diego just reported that it would take $3.9 billion to maintain their infrastructure, and there is no doubt that my colleagues are facing similar circumstances in their home districts.

    The longer we wait, the longer we drag our feet on this issue, the bigger the pricetag grows. The economic benefits of an improved infrastructure are clear. S&P is estimating that $1.3 billion in infrastructure investment creates 29,000 construction jobs, and that is not including indirect job creation.

    But we all know this is more than an economic issue. We are risking the safety of the American people who are traveling every day on crumbling roads and bridges.

    Madam Speaker, what are we waiting for? There is much to gain by acting and yet so much to lose by doing nothing.

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