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  • In Memory of Samuel Keker

    by Senator Nancy Pelosi

    Posted on 2013-01-18

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    PELOSI of california in the house of representatives Friday, January 18, 2013 Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, it is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I rise today to mourn the passing of a dear friend, an unflinching patriot, and a proud American, Samuel Keker.

    The son of immigrants, born in Colorado and raised in Detroit, Sam came to our Nation's capital as a young man, as a student at American University, prepared to give back to our country and contribute to the public debate--first as a leader on campus, later as a trendsetter and a pioneer across the country.

    He was a member of the ``greatest generation,'' serving in our Navy with dignity and honor in the theaters of the Atlantic and the Pacific. He remained in the Naval Reserve until 1962, even leaving his job in the private sector to return to duty in the Korean War, ultimately retiring at the rank of Commander.

    He began a lifetime of work at U.S. News and World Report as an assistant in 1946 and rose through the ranks the only way he knew how: through hard work and dedication, perseverance and persistence. He would emerge as a critical leader on the business side of the magazine, promoting thoughtful, poignant, and accurate journalism, boosting circulation, and delivering the highest-quality reporting to his readers.

    He would retire at the top of his profession--the Chief Executive and Chairman of his magazine--a fitting conclusion to a long, illustrious, and successful career. He was a person of great wisdom and wit.

    Sam Keker's greatest source of pride was his family--his wife, Lucy; his sons, John and Jerry; his two grandsons, Adam and Nathan; and his five great-grandchildren. His life was blessed, and his legacy will be a blessing for all who knew him. We hope it is a comfort to his entire family, to his friends and loved ones that so many share in their grief at this sad time.

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