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  • In Memory of Murray Galinson

    by Representative Susan A. Davis

    Posted on 2013-01-04

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    DAVIS of california in the house of representatives Friday, January 4, 2013 Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise with great sorrow to mourn the passing of one of San Diego's greatest leaders and humanitarians, Murray Galinson.

    Every city should have a Murray Galinson. On paper, Murray's impressive biography tells of a bank CEO and President, the head of a local synagogue, a former assistant U.S. attorney, a member of the board of trustees for California State University and a philanthropist playing a pivotal role in developing so many local charities.

    But in life, Murray was so much more than that. Murray was San Diego's go to person. When you wanted to know anything you went to Murray. When you wanted to vent frustration, you went to Murray. When you wanted someone to talk to, you went to Murray.

    He was a very, very special person at the center of everything. For someone so prominent Murray was not intimidating. He was open to me almost 40 years ago at the beginning of my career as he has been to so many other people starting careers in public service. He has mentored countless people who have gone to be great successes in the San Diego community.

    Perhaps most striking was Murray's deep care for the city of San Diego and how translated that into political and charitable action. Murray was not involved in politics to be a power broker or to push an ambitious partisan agenda. Murray wanted to support whoever he thought would make the city stronger for the long haul. He really cared who was in office and supported people from the very beginning. He was a leading Democrat but he crossed the aisle and supported Republicans when he thought that was the right thing to do.

    Murray was such a great listener. And he was supportive and insightful. And he was funny. He was warm and witty and never shy about telling it like it is. I never had a conversation with Murray that I didn't walk away from feeling generally better.

    Originally from Minnesota, Murray never lost his Midwestern sensibility. We're so fortunate in San Diego that Murray left the Minnesota snow behind him and brightened the lives of so many people in our city.


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