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  • In Memory of Kayla Jean Mueller

    by Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

    Posted on 2015-02-11

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    KIRKPATRICK. Madam Speaker, we are here today to honor Kayla Mueller, her courage, and her undying spirit and determination; and we are here to offer our hearts and prayers in comfort to her grieving family and friends.

    In Arizona, in Flagstaff and in Prescott, we are all neighbors, and we are all friends. Kayla went to Northern Arizona University, which is in my hometown, Flagstaff. In talking to her friends and her professors, everyone talked about her dedication to serving others. Even if it meant going to faraway places that were dangerous, she was driven by a compassion to help the suffering.

    We know that her short life is proof that one dedicated soul can touch a thousand others. Let us all keep Kayla's family in our prayers and her legacy in our hearts.

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