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  • In Honor of State Police Trooper Philip Battel

    by Representative H. Morgan Griffith

    Posted on 2013-01-02

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    GRIFFITH of Virginia. Mr. Speaker, I rise today on a different subject, one that I think we can all be pleased about. I rise in honor of Virginia State Police Trooper Philip Battel, a devoted public servant.

    In the early hours of Friday, December 28, 2012, Trooper Battel saved three lives from a burning home. Trooper Battel was actually assisting the Saltville Police and Smyth County deputies in the search for a stolen car, which had been involved in an earlier police chase, when he noticed an orange hue off in the distance. He decided to investigate.

    When Trooper Battel reached the area in question, much to his surprise he saw a home completely engulfed in flames. He banged on the door, but there was no answer. He made the selfless decision to enter the burning home and investigate. He began yelling and making noise. His activity in the house awoke the three residents, who had no idea that their home was burning down around them. His actions led to their ultimate escape from the home and from the fire. They're all in good health. Their lives were saved, and the lives of two of their pets were saved.

    Trooper Battel's heroic actions and service to the community are to be commended. I am honored to pay tribute to him. Please join me in thanking Trooper Battel for all that he has done for the people of southwest Virginia.

    Mr. Speaker, if I may, it has been my experience in working with the State police over many decades that they always respond in fine fashion and that they rise to the occasion. Trooper Battel is just another example in a long history of the good work and heroism of the Virginia State police.


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