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  • Importance of Abundant Energy

    by Representative Randy K. Weber Sr.

    Posted on 2015-12-08

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    WEBER of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to condemn the President's actions to regulate our power plants and his efforts to commit the United States to such onerous regulations through the United Nations. At no other time in our history has a President been more wrong more times on so may issues that this country is facing today than President Obama, Mr. Speaker.

    At a time when our country is being attacked from inside our borders and radical Islamists are gaining ground all over the world, this administration is obsessed with climate change? And, he refuses to admit the radical Islam is our enemy? It makes me wonder if he thinks that Syed Farook in English means ``global warming.'' It is clear that he is intent on regulating our Nation's economy and hurting its citizens instead of focusing on the immediate threat. You can't make this stuff up, Mr. Speaker. I guess you could say the threat he should be focused on is global swarming. He just doesn't seem to get it, Mr. Speaker.

    The sad fact, Mr. Speaker, is even if every country abided by its greenhouse gas emissions reduction commitments, temperatures would continue increasing 2.7 to 3.7 degrees Celsius. Without these reductions, temperatures would increase 3.0 to 4.0 degrees Celsius. The difference is miniscule.

    Mr. Speaker, there are no positive economic or environmental benefits to the President's unlawful regulatory actions. Instead, the administration's pledge to the U.N. threatens job creation and economic growth right here in the United States of America.

    According to one independent analysis, the economic cost to Americans [[Page H9072]] will be approximately $29 to $39 billion each year. Electricity prices for consumers in 40 States could increase by at least 10 percent, or more. He has already been quoted during his campaign saying that under his administration, electricity prices would, by necessity, skyrocket. These are his words, not mine.

    This represents nothing less than a war, Mr. Speaker, on low-income families, and would further increase economic inequality.

    Mr. Speaker, our country is in a crisis. Instead of its foolhardy and unconstitutional plan to regulate our climate, this administration should be focusing on the livelihood and safety of this Nation and Americans.

    It is no secret that there are people around the world who hate the United States and wish to see its demise. There are attacks being planned and plotted even as we speak, Mr. Speaker. Yet this administration claims that that threat is contained and global warming is our main threat. Tell that to the 14 people who were tragically murdered while celebrating Christmas in San Bernardino.

    That is how I see it here in America, Mr. Speaker.

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