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  • H.R. 3043 and S. 1507

    by Senator Heidi Heitkamp

    Posted on 2014-09-17

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    HEITKAMP. As the chairman knows, there have been concerns expressed in Indian Country that the IRS may take the occasion of passage of H.R. 3043 or S. 1507 to retrench, narrow or possibly withdraw the administrative guidance provided in Rev. Proc. 2014-35 after enactment of the bill. As the sponsor of this legislation, I would like to say that would be contrary to the intent of Congress.

    Mr. WYDEN. I fully share the Senator's concern and want to assure her as well as Tribal interests that the Congressional intent, as well as mine as chairman of the Finance Committee, is to expand rather than restrict the safe harbor provisions in Rev. Proc. 2014-35. The purpose of this legislation is to further empower Tribal self-determination. Tribes, and not the IRS, are in the best position to determine the needs of their members and provide for the general welfare of their Tribal citizens and communities.

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