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  • Honoring Willie Rene Leflore

    by Representative Bennie G. Thompson

    Posted on 2015-03-26

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    THOMPSON of mississippi in the house of representatives Thursday, March 26, 2015 Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a remarkable public servant, Ms. Willie Rene Leflore.

    Ms. Leflore is a lifetime resident of Sunflower County, Mississippi.

    Ms. Leflore is a soldier encouraging others to sign up and be counted. In her words, ``Gone are the days of nurturing, chopping, hoeing, hauling water pails, getting up early, catching Bill Henderson's bus, etcetera, to work from sun up to sun down for $3.15 daily''.

    Growing up, Ms. Leflore wanted to be free to enter the front doors of Labella Restaurant and ride at the front of the Grey Hound Bus. So, Ms. Leflore took a stand, and marched beside Cora Stone Johnson, Nelson Dotson, John Richardson, Lene and others for her civil rights.

    Ms. Leflore is a soldier for what is right. She believes in receiving the same privileges and rights as other races. She believes that all adults have their own mind to decide on what they want to participate in as long as it is right. She fought for that privilege. It was an acquired desire to march beside others who shared the same belief.

    Ms. Leflore worked, never missing a day unless she was sick. When she became ill, she had to retire. She has received numerous commendations as a loyal supporter of all athletic activities at Gentry High School. To this day, she still uses the phone as her legs and mouth, encouraging others to stand and show themselves approved. She believes that standing for what you believe in regardless, of the odds against you, and the pressure that tears at your resistance means courage, which is what she had to constantly remind herself of. She always kept a smile on her face, even when on the inside she felt like dying. She stopped at nothing. Doing what was instilled in her heart, is to make another's life a little more bearable. When she was in the moment, she was loyal, she wasn't selfish and she kept her head high.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Ms. Willie Rene Leflore for her dedication to serving others and giving back to the African American community.


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