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  • Honoring the Waskom High School Wildcats, 2014 3-A, Div II State Football Champions

    by Representative Louie Gohmert

    Posted on 2015-02-12

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    GOHMERT of texas in the house of representatives Thursday, February 12, 2015 Mr. GOHMERT. Mr. Speaker, it is a great honor to recognize today the outstanding season of the Waskom Wildcats football team, who completed the season by capturing the title of 2014 Class 3A Division II Texas State Champions for the first time in the entirety of Waskom's history.

    The championship series proved difficult for the Wildcats, but it was not a difficulty that these skilled and devoted athletes could not overcome. In the State semi-final game, the Wildcats trailed the Sonora Broncos until the third quarter, when their defense held the Broncos back while their offense prevailed with a final score of 25-21 to win the game and usher them into the state championship title game.

    After the scoreless first quarter of the state title game, the tenacious Waskom Wildcats scored their first touchdown to take the lead over the Newton Eagles, but the Eagles battled back to take an 8-7 lead. In an amazing show of resilience and ability, just fifteen seconds later, the Wildcats ran the ball 88 yards to score a touchdown and take the lead once again. From that play on, the Wildcats only increased their lead. Scoring six touchdowns and running 350 total yards of offense, the Wildcats ended an extraordinary and victorious game with a final score of 41-22.

    The Wildcats are a perfect representation of what can be accomplished when a team possesses both perseverance and resolve with proper guidance from the coaching staff. Although the Wildcats suffered a loss during the first game of their season, their determination remained steadfast, and they recovered to end the season with a stellar record of 13-2.

    The exceptional athletes who comprise this team of champions are Kevin Johnson, Keileon Johnson, Trace Carter, Jaire Jackson, Junebug Johnson, Kaleb Haynes, Eric Stephens III, Pedro Rodriguez, Lucas Norton, Cullum Ditmore, Dylan Harkrider, Jake Gillard, Chan Amie, Mike Reason, Kyle Kyker, Dillon Benton, Michael Jaeger, Kyle McInnis, Hernan Rico, Victor Tapia, John Lumpkin, Tony Ratcliff, Morgan Browning, Jose Chavarria, Kyle Adams, Brandon Latham, Logan O'Connor, Christian Smith, Jack Smith, Dylan Powell, Jeremy D'Agostino, Hunter Johnson, Jacob Bennett, Dylan Hudson, Matt Norris, Bradley Cochran, Ty Carter, Jason Jinks, Tay Green, Vicente Segura, and Matt Padron.

    The athletic staff and faculty who led the Wildcats to victory must be congratulated, because no team, no matter how talented and committed can rise to the pinnacle of being State Champions without proper direction, correction, and motivation. Led by Head Coach & Athletic Director Whitney Keeling, the Coaching Staff includes Jeremy Kubiak, Greg Pearson, Daniel Swaim, Jeff Lyles, Gary Wilson, Vencent Lee, David Higginbotham, Matt Goode, and Lorenza Thomas; the Ball Boys include Paxton Keeling, Trent Higginbotham, Jalynn Washington, LaZavion Thomas, and Benito Sanchez. And, of course, if a school and school district is not committed to its athletic program and all the life lessons it provides, the team does not have the opportunity to excel. So thanks and congratulations go to the School Principal Andy Chilcoat and his staff, as well as Superintendent Jimmy E. Cox and all of his staff.

    It is with great pride that I join with the citizens of Waskom, as well as the entire First District of Texas, in congratulating the Waskom Wildcats on their first State Championship and their impressive season. This outstanding accomplishment is now preserved in the United States Congressional Record which will endure as long as there is a United States of America.


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