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  • Honoring the Memory of the Crew of the El Faro

    by Representative Bruce Poliquin

    Posted on 2015-10-09

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    POLIQUIN asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. POLIQUIN. Mr. Speaker, Maine is home to the greatest mariners in the world, and Maine Maritime Academy in midcoast Castine is one of the finest schools in the world to train our ship captains, engineers, and navigators.

    Last week, the cargo ship El Faro succumbed to Hurricane Joaquin en route from Florida to Puerto Rico. During this horrible tragedy, 33 individuals likely perished, including five graduates of Maine Maritime Academy.

    Captain Michael Davidson was 53, Second Mate Danielle Randolph was 34, Michael Holland was 25, Mitchell Kuflik was 26, and Dylan Meklin was 23.

    Mr. Speaker, some were married, some had kids. One was engaged, and one was on his maiden voyage. All of these individuals were children of moms and dads.

    The great State of Maine and our country is so proud of our brave mariners and grateful for them helping us live better lives. I know I speak, Mr. Speaker, for the entire Congress in extending our thoughts and prayers for their families.

    May God rest their souls and let them remain mariners forever.


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