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  • Honoring the Life of Raymond Minnite

    by Representative Jim Costa

    Posted on 2013-02-27

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    COSTA of california in the house of representatives Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Mr. COSTA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay to tribute to the life of Raymond Minnite, who lived a long and fulfilling life of 95 years. As founder of the town of Three Rocks in California, Raymond was a true supporter and advocate for our Central Valley. His kind heart and generosity will be greatly missed.

    Raymond was born into a large family with nine brothers and sisters. His parents were first generation immigrants from Italy. Growing up in an immigrant family of 12, Raymond quickly developed great values and principles. He knew the importance of treating others with respect, compassion, and consideration. Raymond's charitable acts were witnessed by many because helping those in need was essential to him.

    As a young man, Raymond served in the Army in World War II. He was stationed in Germany, Italy, and France. Raymond did not discuss the brutalities of war with his family and friends. Instead he shared about the times when he would take extra food to the hungry children. Raymond's positive outlook on life was apparent to all of those around him.

    After Raymond married Bernadette and they had their children: Gary, Jack, Bernadette, Janis, Dion, and John, he purchased 20 acres of land at the intersection of Clarkson and Highway 33. There was nothing built on the land, but he had a vision. Bernadette believed in his plan, so he had his families support. Raymond's boys took part in the project and helped him salvage old wood and nails. Slowly a small town was built, and Raymond named it Three Rocks. Surrounded by farming communities, it serves a place for farm laborers to live. Today, Three Rocks has about 230 residents.

    Raymond had an ingenious idea, and he made it into a reality. He truly achieved the ``American Dream.'' Raymond's children, 17 grandchildren, and 31 great-grandchildren have an outstanding role model that they will hold in their hearts forever.

    Mr. Speaker, it is with great respect that I ask my colleagues in the House of Representatives to pay tribute to the life of Raymond Minnite. His presence will be greatly missed, but his legacy will surely live on in Fresno County.


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