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  • Honoring the Life of Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield

    A picture of Representative Dan Benishek

    Representative Dan Benishek

    From: MI District 1

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-09-11

    BENISHEK. Mr. Speaker, I come to the floor today to honor the life of Michigan State Police Trooper Paul Butterfield, who was tragically killed in the line of duty on September 9, 2013. Trooper Butterfield...

    A picture of Representative Bill Huizenga

    Representative Bill Huizenga

    From: MI District 2

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-09-11

    HUIZENGA of Michigan. Thank you, Dr. Benishek. As was said, Mr. Speaker, earlier this week, Michigan lost a true hero. Trooper Paul Butterfield died from a gunshot wound that he sustained while conducting...