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  • Honoring the Bravery and Heroism of Those Who Selflessly Prevented a Deadly Terrorist Attack on August 21, 2015

    A picture of Senator Mitch McConnell

    Senator Mitch McConnell

    From: KY

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2015-09-17

    McCONNELL. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to the immediate consideration of S. Res. 259. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will report the resolution by title. The legislative...

    A picture of Senator Dianne Feinstein

    Senator Dianne Feinstein

    From: CA

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2015-09-17

    FEINSTEIN. Mr. President, I submitted this resolution recognizing and commending those who boldly prevented what could have amounted to an unspeakable tragedy aboard a high-speed train headed toward...