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  • Honoring the 225Th Anniversary of Georgetown University

    by Senator Nancy Pelosi

    Posted on 2014-01-16

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    PELOSI of california in the house of representatives Thursday, January 16, 2014 Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, more than two centuries ago, with the dawn of a new nation, our Founding Fathers declared to the world that we, as a people, would forever be united in service to one country and to one another. These United States stand together under a single banner: E pluribus unum. ``Out of many, one.'' For 225 years, that bedrock principle of our young Republic has served as an extraordinary mission of our nation's oldest Jesuit and Catholic University. Founded by Bishop John Carroll of Maryland, America's first Catholic bishop, Georgetown University challenges students from every faith, race, and region of the world to use their unique and individual gifts in service of the common good. As its motto states, Utraque Unum. ``Both into one.'' That creed and common purpose is why Georgetown students, who fought on both sides of the Civil War, elected the Union blue and Confederate grey to fly together as their university colors.

    It is why, in the capital of a once-divided nation, Father Patrick Healy, a man born to a slave, rose to lead Georgetown as the first African American president of a major American university.

    It is why in 1880, long before many of its peer institutions, Georgetown welcomed women students to study at its medical school. Today, the world's best and brightest young women make up a majority of the university's student body.

    Georgetown University's intellectual openness, pursuit of progress, and unwavering dedication to social justice has educated and shaped leaders for more than two centuries. Students have graduated to become leaders of countries, leaders in science, in business, in academia, in humanitarianism, and proudly to become a president of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton.

    For generations, U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense, Ambassadors, and Foreign Service Officers, and countless representatives of foreign countries, have honed their diplomatic craft under the guidance and tutelage of Georgetown faculty and experts.

    While Georgetown is fostering lifelong learners from every state, this remarkable university's reach goes well beyond our nation's borders. The Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (SFS) is world-renowned for providing a theoretical and practical approach to international relations that teaches students from 129 countries to act with imagination, sound judgment, values, and in service to others.

    And in the Capitol, from Congressman William Gaston in its first class in 1792 to the present, many Georgetown graduates have enriched Congress with their committed leadership. Congress has been blessed with the great Georgetown wisdom of the Dean of the House, John Dingell, Class of '49 and Law Class of '52.

    For 225 years, Georgetown University has been a national treasure that stands as an international beacon of a simple truth, and deep American faith: that out of many backgrounds and beliefs, through times of discord and peace, our common humanity binds us together; and our common hopes and dreams unite us as one.

    To President John DeGioia, to the students, faculty, and graduates of Georgetown University, congratulations on more than two centuries of leadership for America, for the greater glory of God, and well-being of humankind.


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