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  • Honoring St. Cletus School for Receiving the National Blue Ribbon School Award

    by Representative Daniel Lipinski

    Posted on 2015-01-07

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    LIPINSKI of illinois in the house of representatives Wednesday, January 7, 2015 Mr. LIPINSKI. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor St. Cletus Elementary School, an exemplary Catholic school in La Grange, Illinois, for receiving the prestigious 2014 U.S. Department of Education National Blue Ribbon School Award.

    In 1982, The Department of Education established the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program to recognize public and private schools boasting high or significantly improved achievement. The program's goal is to identify aspects of thriving American schools in order to replicate their success. Only 50 private schools across the country were awarded Blue Ribbons in 2014.

    Led by Principal Margaret Hayes, the mission of St. Cletus School is ``to focus on faith, family, and future.'' In addition, ``The Catholic formation of students is strengthened through academic excellence. Self-worth and individuality are respected.'' Since September 1953, the school has offered a rigorous and engaging curriculum. The core academic program is supplemented with instruction in art, music, physical education, hands-on science lab activities, technology, and Spanish classes. This prestigious elementary school offers an integrated curriculum to motivate students to understand the connection between the classroom and the student's call to faith. St Cletus School has made a rigorous effort to improve student performance, while also creating a strong partnership between parents and teachers.

    I am delighted that the exemplary work of the teachers and support staff at St. Cletus School, as well as that of the parents and students, has been acknowledged on a national stage. I also want to congratulate and acknowledge the work of the priests of St. Cletus Parish, Pastor Bob Clark and Associate Pastors Ken Baker and Edgar Rodriguez.

    Please join me in celebrating the accomplishments of St. Cletus School. Their pursuit of academic excellence is inspiring, and I hope that their success can be replicated across the nation.


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