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  • Honoring Silverio Cuaresma, Sr.

    by Senator Dean Heller

    Posted on 2013-01-24

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    HELLER. Mr. President, today I wish to honor the life 2LT Silverio Cuaresma, Sr., whose passing on January 20, 2013, has brought great sadness to the Silver State. As a member of the World War II Mighty Five Nevadans and the State's oldest unrecognized Filipino- American World War II veteran, Mr. Cuaresma dedicated his life to honoring Filipino veterans for their sacrifices. I am grateful for his service to our country and advocacy on behalf of our heroes. While in the Senate, I will continue fighting to guarantee that all veterans and their families are properly thanked for their sacrifices.

    As one of the Mighty Five, Mr. Cuaresma fought tirelessly to secure proper military recognition and compensation for our Nation's nearly 24,000 Filipino World War II veterans. We must continue the fight to ensure that Filipino veterans like Mr. Cuaresma are honored for their sacrifices. That is why I introduced the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act. This bill would establish a process for Filipinos who have fought alongside the U.S. military during World War II to work with military historians to determine eligibility for military benefits. I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that individuals who served honorably alongside U.S. troops are recognized for their contributions to our Nation.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Cuaresma's family and friends during this difficult time. Today, I ask my colleagues to join me in celebrating the life of an honorable man who was devoted to providing justice for our Nation's heroes. ____________________

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