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  • Honoring Otto Merida and Victoria Napoles-Earl on Many Years Leading the Latin Chamber of Commerce

    by Representative Cresent Hardy

    Posted on 2015-12-18

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    HARDY of nevada in the house of representatives Friday, December 18, 2015 Mr. HARDY. Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor Otto Merida, President, CEO and Founder of the Latin Chamber of Commerce and Victoria Napoles- Earl, Senior Executive Vice President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce for over thirty years of service to the Hispanic business community and Nevada's Hispanic youth. For decades, the Latin Chamber of Commerce has helped hundreds of Nevadans and their families achieve the American Dream thanks to Otto and Victoria's leadership and mentorship. Otto and Victoria have spearheaded incredible programs that promote leadership, entrepreneurship and education. They have also encouraged Latino youth to pursue college and developed a strong scholarship program that continues to help our students complete their studies. I join all Nevadans in saying thank you for your hard work and dedication towards helping small businesses grow and assisting our students with achieving their higher education goals. Mr. Speaker, I commend Otto and Victoria on their outstanding service to Nevada and wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors. I hope the Latin Chamber of Commerce will continue to benefit our communities for many years to come.


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