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  • Honoring Officer Ashley Guindon

    by Senator Jeanne Shaheen

    Posted on 2016-03-10

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    SHAHEEN. Mr. President, people across the Washington area were saddened by the death of Officer Ashley Guindon, slain in the line of duty just one day after being sworn into the Prince William County Police Department in Virginia. This brave police officer is also being mourned in New Hampshire, especially in her hometown of Merrimack, where the law enforcement community considers her one of their own. As Merrimack Police Chief Mark Doyle said: ``When any law enforcement officer is struck down, it leaves a hole in our hearts. The fact that she and her family are part of the Merrimack community drives that point home even more so.'' Ashley was the only child of Sharon and the late David Guindon, a Navy veteran who also served in the Marine Corps Reserve and later the New Hampshire National Guard. After graduating from Merrimack High in 2005, she followed in her father's footsteps by joining the Marine Corps Reserve. Ashley loved flying and went on to earn a bachelor's degree in aeronautical science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida and later a master's degree in forensic science. As a Marine Reservist for 6 years, she flew helicopters and used her forensic skills to assist the Mortuary Affairs Office.

    Ashley had a passion for public service and was always eager to help people in need. She volunteered with a suicide prevention program and regularly spent Thanksgiving helping out at a soup kitchen. She is fondly remembered by teachers and classmates at Merrimack High as exceptionally kind and friendly and as the talented leader of the Merrimack Cardinals cheerleading team.

    As a newly sworn-in police officer, Ashley was struck down while coming to the assistance of a woman who was being threatened by her husband. ``She has accomplished more in 28 years than I think I could in 100,'' Prince William County Police Chief Stephan Hudson told The Washington Post. ``That was her desire: to serve, to be involved with things that mattered, to give her life to something worth giving it to. And that's exactly what she did.'' In New Hampshire as in Virginia, the loss of a police officer is felt deeply in the local community and far beyond. We know that the work of law enforcement professionals is difficult and dangerous. They perform their duties with great professionalism and selflessness, putting their lives on the line every day.

    Ashley Guindon worked and studied hard to become a superbly qualified law enforcement professional. She was proud to wear the badge and to be a police officer. She gave her life in the line of duty, coming to the assistance of a stranger. I join with so many others in the Granite State and across the Washington area in expressing my respect and admiration for this remarkable young woman and my deep condolences to Sharon Guindon and the entire family. I know how proud they are of Ashley. We are all proud of Ashley. She was America at its finest.


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