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  • Honoring Nancy Ann Daniel

    by Representative David G. Valadao

    Posted on 2013-03-05

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    VALADAO of california in the house of representatives Tuesday, March 5, 2013 Mr. VALADAO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today, along with my colleague Mr. Costa, to honor Nancy Ann Daniel, of Mendota, California. For years, she served as a tireless advocate and leader in California's San Joaquin Valley. Mrs. Daniel passed away on February 4, 2013 after decades of service to our Valley's most vulnerable citizens. She will be sorely missed.

    Nancy and her husband, David, were labor contractors who specialized in cantaloupe harvesting. Using their own resources, they founded the Westside Youth Center in 1977 as a local boxing club for Mendota's at- risk youth. Over the years, the center added computers to help students with homework, a football team, and provided a safe place where children could spend afternoons and weekends with positive role models.

    Through her leadership and financial stewardship, Nancy was able to ensure that the services at the Westside Youth Center remained free of charge. Due to the economic downturn impacting many in the community, the Westside Youth Center has become an absolutely integral part of our Valley.

    The many lives that have been impacted by the Westside Youth Center will ensure that Nancy's legacy lives on for years to come. Her passion and dedication to her community provided an excellent example to the Mendota community. She will be remembered for her smile and her constant positive and upbeat attitude.

    Mrs. Daniel was humble in her commitment and dedication to the City of Mendota. She once reflected, ``You can't help them all, but it makes a big difference when you help a couple.'' Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me and Mr. Costa in remembering Mrs. Nancy Ann Daniel for her invaluable service to the San Joaquin Valley.


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