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  • Honoring Maine Warden Gregory ``Gregg’’ Sanborn

    by Representative Chellie Pingree

    Posted on 2013-02-15

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    PINGREE of maine in the house of representatives Friday, February 15, 2013 Ms. PINGREE of Maine. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take a moment to remember an exemplary individual and member of the Maine Warden Service whom we lost much too early in life.

    [[Page E167]] Raised in Fryeburg, Major Gregory ``Gregg'' Sanborn rose through the ranks over 20 years to become second in command of the Maine Warden Service. For those who don't know, wearing the badge of a Maine Game Warden has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. These highly trained law enforcement officers are responsible for patrolling miles of remote lands with little or no back up. A day on the job could require anything from braving extreme elements and rugged territory in search of lost hikers to catching and arresting well-armed poachers. Whether we hike, hunt or fish in the Maine woods, we all owe them a debt of gratitude for working so hard to protect our natural resources and keep us safe.

    Being a Maine Game Warden was Sanborn's dream job and, throughout his career, he proved exemplary at it. As his colleagues eulogized at his memorial service, he earned the respect of all he came in contact with. On search-and-rescue missions, he wouldn't go home until the party was found. He would drive through the middle of the night and across the state to aid a fellow warden.

    And few--if any--could break the law with him on the job. He issued more summons and warnings than any warden before him. Yet his fairness, calm demeanor and evenhandedness earned him the respect even of those he penalized. In his career, no one ever filed a complaint against him.

    Sanborn also proved to be an effective leader and administrator. As Major, he strengthened the Maine Warden Service in the face of budget cuts while tightening recruiting standards to ensure that only the most qualified and passionate men and women were hired.

    It goes without saying that Sanborn fought cancer bravely and honorably. As he said shortly before his death, ``I lost, but I did not quit.'' The loss is ours and his death at the age of 47 is tragic. Few Mainers will ever be missed by more. Over a thousand people attended his memorial service, and over a thousand people participated in a stem-cell drive in hopes of finding a match for his transplant.

    I have no doubt the Maine Warden Service will carry on Sanborn's spirit and continue to do our state proud. But he was indeed a very special person whose loss will be felt for a long, long time. My thoughts go out to his wife and son, his family, and his brothers and sisters in the Maine Warden Service. I am truly grateful that our state had the privilege of benefiting from such a capable, committed, and good-hearted public servant.


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