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  • Honoring Kirk Gregg

    by Representative Tom Reed

    Posted on 2015-12-08

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    REED of new york in the house of representatives Tuesday, December 8, 2015 Mr. REED. Mr. Speaker, I am proud that my Congressional district is the home of Corning Incorporated, an American company that has risen over its 164-year history to become one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world.

    Today, I rise to take a moment to honor Kirk Gregg, Corning's Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, who is retiring from the company after 22 years of executive leadership. Over his tenure, Kirk has made an enormous contribution to the company's success and to the community's development. I am most grateful to Kirk for his unparalleled commitment to the community. He has had an enormously positive impact on my constituents and my extended family that live in the district.

    Kirk joined Corning in 1993 and was named Chief Administrative Officer in 2002. The same year, he was appointed to serve on Corning's Management Committee, a small, very senior group of executives who lead the company. Over the last decade, Kirk has risen up the corporate ladder to become the third highest ranking executive in the company.

    As Chief Administrative Officer, Kirk has built the core infrastructure that makes Corning efficient and effective. He has had global responsibility for the corporate staff, including human resources, information technology, supply management, transportation, business services, community relations, government affairs, and aviation. In total, he has managed over $1B annually in corporate infrastructure, making Coming's staff one of the top performers among its peers in the country's corporate community.

    It has been Kirk's work for the community that distinguishes him among corporate leaders and for which I am most grateful. He has played a huge role in meeting the needs of New York's ``Southern Tier.'' For 17 years, he chaired the Three Rivers Development, attracting tens of millions of dollars of investment to diversify the local community and create jobs. For 15 years, he led the Corning Classic LPGA Tournaments, raising millions of dollars for area hospitals. And statewide, he served for a decade on the Board of Directors for the Business Council of New York State, two years as the Board's chairman, Last, but not least, he has been an enthusiastic supporter of local charities, cultural institutions, and human service organizations.

    Every Member of Congress seeks the perspective of people with broad insight into and who contribute generously to the communities we represent. For me, Kirk is one of those rare people. He understands the people, the community, and the responsibility that corporate leaders have to support their local institutions.

    At the same time, he is modest and self-effacing. Kirk is one of those people who works quietly and effectively to make our communities better.

    I am very happy to call Kirk Gregg my friend. I know that I speak for the entire Corning, New York community when I thank him for his citizenship and service. We wish him and his wife Penny the very best in a well-deserved retirement. May they enjoy many more happy days entering this new chapter in their lives.


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