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  • Honoring Khiquita ``Keke’’ Young

    by Representative Bennie G. Thompson

    Posted on 2014-01-10

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    THOMPSON of mississippi in the house of representatives Friday, January 10, 2014 Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Mrs. Khiquita ``Keke'' Young.

    Khiquita Young is the founder of Independent Survival Living (ISL) and owner of K's Farm and Ranch in Crystal Springs, MS. ISL originated in Jackson, Mississippi. Young presents agriculture methods at church conferences with families and local farmers and ranchers.

    In 2007 Mrs. Young's mother had a stroke that left her disabled on the left side of her body and troubled in her speech. Khiquita was frustrated to discover the lack of assistance for much needed help not only for her mother, but others as well.

    This journey led Young to encourage those who are broken spiritually and financially to become self sufficient. It is her desire for the elderly and stroke victims to become independent individuals again. She doesn't want the elderly and stroke victims to depend on others who do not offer genuine help or who neglect disabled people.

    Young is a visionary who actively pursues change in destiny. The vision she was given in 2007 was to pursue the mission in agriculture, to establish urban gardens and farms for the elderly and stroke victims. Participation gives them some control in their lives allowing them to manage, operate and become profitable to survive.

    Khiquita is the National Women in Agriculture Association Chairwoman of Southwest River Region in Mississippi.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Mrs. Khiquita ``Keke'' Young for being a visionary and giving back to others.


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