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  • Honoring Karyn Sinunu-Towery

    by Representative Zoe Lofgren

    Posted on 2013-12-16

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    LOFGREN of california in the house of representatives Monday, December 16, 2013 Ms. LOFGREN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the service of Ms. Karyn Sinunu-Towery to the County of Santa Clara.

    For over 30 years, Ms. Sinunu-Towery has served the people of Santa Clara County in the District Attorney's Office. She has made enormous contributions to the office, and after her final day of service on December 20, 2013, she will undoubtedly be missed.

    Ms. Sinunu-Towery began her career in 1983 as a law clerk for the Santa Clara District Attorney. Two years later, on December 12, 1985, she became a member of the California Bar and joined the office as a staff attorney.

    After serving eleven years as a Deputy District Attorney and the Supervisor of the Sexual Assault Unit, prosecuting over 50 jury trials, Ms. Sinunu-Towery was promoted to the executive position of Assistant District Attorney. In this role, she has lead-by-example, and provided valuable counsel to the District Attorney.

    Throughout her career Ms. Sinunu-Towery has been known for her fairness, resilience, professionalism, and commitment to justice.

    Ms. Sinunu-Towery has a reputation as a reformer who truly cared for the victims she was charged with protecting. She wrote Victim's Rights manuals that were distributed throughout California and developed a model procedure for the investigation of child-abuse investigations with the goal of reducing the trauma to the children involved.

    Ms. Sinunu-Towery was just as vigilant when it came to ensuring that the accused received fair treatment. She worked with local police chiefs and the Sheriff to create fairer line-up procedures to accurately identify suspects, and guidelines for the interrogation of mentally ill suspects. She personally worked to free defendants wrongly convicted and is a model for prosecutors everywhere in this regard.

    Ms. Sinunu-Towery was a trailblazer when it came to the use of technology to better administer justice. She was instrumental in the office's transition from paper to electronic data storage, and continued to push for greater technology use.

    I wish to congratulate Ms. Karyn Sinunu-Towery on her impressive career and commend her for 30 years of service to the Santa Clara County community. She leaves the District Attorney's Office a better place and will be dearly missed.


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