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  • Honoring Jerry Galella

    by Representative Eliot L. Engel

    Posted on 2015-01-30

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    ENGEL of new york in the house of representatives Friday, January 30, 2015 Mr. ENGEL. Mr. Speaker, those who choose the path of civic engagement can accomplish wonderful things for their communities. In Yonkers there are few who can claim they have done more to support the local neighborhoods than Jerry Galella.

    Born seven minutes before his twin brother, Jerry grew up in the Bronx and is the oldest of three children. After graduating from Dewitt Clinton High School, Jerry served in the United States Army from 1971 to 1973 and after his discharge became a grocery store manager for the next 40 years.

    In 2007, Jerry became a full-fledged member of the Yonkers community when he joined the ShopRite of Greenway Plaza as Store Director. Remarkably, in the seven years Jerry has been with ShopRite he has become affiliated with over 25 different churches and numerous other community organizations throughout Yonkers. His volunteer work has included helping out with three college scholarship funds, including the Yonkers African American Cultural Club, the Dominican Cultural Club of Yonkers, and the Hispanic Professional Scholarship fund. As a result of his efforts, Jerry has been honored various accolades and awards from a wide array of schools, churches, and veterans' associations, just to name a few.

    As devoted to helping out the community as Jerry is, his real passion is for his family. He met his wife, Linda, at age 13 in 8th grade, and was immediately smitten. The teenage sweethearts would later become married and for the past 32 years have lived together in Carmel, NY. Over the course of their 40 year marriage Jerry and Linda have raised three wonderful children and have six amazing grand children, all who live within 15 miles of each other. Jerry also generously gives his time to many different organizations in the Carmel community, ranging from little league to organizations assisting veterans of the Vietnam War.

    In 2014, the Luther V. Garrison SR. Masonic Foundation Inc. Scholarship Committee named Jerry Galella their 2014 Man of the Year. He was incredibly deserving of the honor, and I wish to congratulate him on receiving the well-deserved recognition.


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