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  • Honoring Congressman Sam Johnson on 40Th Anniversary of Release from Prisoner of War Camp

    by Representative Pete Sessions

    Posted on 2013-02-25

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    SESSIONS. I appreciate the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Poe) for leading the discussion tonight in honor of the great Member of Congress from the Third Congressional District, Sam Johnson. I want to take a few minutes tonight to not just acknowledge how great Sam Johnson is to the Texas delegation but really to highlight what he means to this body.

    Sam Johnson has been a Member of this body since 1991. He came in a special election as a result of a hard-fought race in Dallas, Texas, when Congressman Steve Bartlett stepped down. And Sam Johnson came to the United States Congress not just with a background of 29 years of serving in the United States Air Force as being a top gun pilot and a man who had served this country in war and at the Hanoi Hilton, but he came here with thoughts and ideas about his home of Texas, representing Collin County and Dallas County, Texas.

    It's not just a high honor for us to have Sam as our Member of Congress at that time and currently, but Sam came to this body with ideas that he felt like would make our country stronger and better. More than just respect for the flag and respect for the men and women that serve in our military, but really for respect for human life and individuals, he believes that individuals make our country stronger and better; and he has devoted his life, the times we fly back and forth, Sam talks about how important people are and people's dreams, people back home. He remembers not just the stories about individuals, but I think he idolizes hard work and people who commit themselves to the sacrifice for others.

    Sam is known in this body for several years now as the most admired Member of Congress. And he's not the most admired Member of Congress because of just being a nice man--and that he is--but really for standing up and talking about the values of this country, the values of this country, what we stand for and how he wants it to be even better.

    He and Shirley have, for years, stood up across Texas and across this country and talked about how important we are if we sacrifice to make others' lives better, if we leave our country better than the way we found it. And so tonight on behalf of the people of the 32nd Congressional District, which is Dallas, which is right next to Congressman Sam Johnson, I stand up and applaud the life of Sam Johnson, his service to our country, not just the United States Air Force and the American people, but also the man that calls home Plano, Texas, and the Third Congressional District, our great friend and colleague, Congressman Sam Johnson.

    So, Sam, congratulations. Congratulations for not just a job well done but for the 40 years that you have been back home and what you have done to your life as a result of the service for what you believe was the right thing to do.

    I thank the gentleman from Texas, Judge Poe, for the time.

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