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  • Honoring A-10 Pilots Brigadier General Mackey and Lieutenant Colonel Roe

    by Representative Vicky Hartzler

    Posted on 2014-01-07

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    HARTZLER of missouri in the house of representatives Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Mrs. HARTZLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the brave airmen of the 442d Fighter Wing of Whiteman Air Force Base.

    Specifically, I want to commend the A-10 pilots who courageously protected Sergeant Mauricio Alejandro Arias and 16 of his fellow soldiers as they came under fire while serving in Afghanistan.

    I sincerely applaud Colonel James Mackey (now Brigadier General Mackey) and Lieutenant Colonel Tony Roe for their actions of June 5, 2008, as they provided close air support for 17 soldiers of the 201st Engineer Battalion of the Kentucky National Guard. The soldiers were pinned down for a lengthy time by enemy heavy-arms fire and running low on ammunition when these pilots intervened and suppressed the enemy threat. Sergeant Arias credits these pilots for saving his and the lives of 16 fellow soldiers that day and I stand with him in recognizing the heroic acts of these two pilots.

    In closing, Mr. Speaker, I ask all my colleagues to join me in applauding the bravery and commitment to service that General Mackey, Lieutenant Colonel Roe and the airmen of the 442d Fighter Wing exemplify. In doing so, they ask for no recognition, yet they protect our way of life while risking their own and are very deserving of such recognition.


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