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  • Honoring 40Th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

    by Representative Mike Quigley

    Posted on 2013-01-23

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    QUIGLEY of illinois in the house of representatives Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Mr. QUIGLEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today because 40 years ago our Supreme Court determined that every woman has the right to decide whether or not to continue her pregnancy. While that ruling stands today, we must remain vigilant.

    As we speak, anti-choice activists are working to erode that right, not only by making abortions illegal, but by making them unavailable. In 2011, a record 92 abortion-regulating laws passed in 24 states, imposing onerous waiting periods, invasive ultrasounds, and dangerous parental consent requirements--All in an effort to make such services inaccessible.

    As President Obama said on Monday, ``while these truths may be self- evident, they have never been self-executing.'' Yes, abortion is legal, but we have to fight to ensure it remains accessible. The good news is, most Americans are with us. A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll found 7 in 10 Americans believe Roe v. Wade should stand.

    On the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade let's reflect on the rights we have won, and renew the fight to protect them.


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