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  • Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act of 2015

    by Representative Jackie Walorski

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    WALORSKI. I thank the chairman for yielding.

    Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of H.R. 2297, legislation that will impose sanctions on international financial institutions that knowingly engage in business with Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah is one of the world's largest, most dangerous, well-funded terrorist organizations. Trained, funded, and deployed as a proxy of the Iranian Government, with operations spanning several continents, the Shiite group has effectively taken over the Lebanese Government and has launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians.

    There is no question that Hezbollah is stronger than ever. They have murdered Americans, Israelis, Syrians, and citizens of other nations. They have amassed an arsenal of advanced weaponry, including 150,000 rockets and missiles; have made technological advances; and have gained battlefield experience in Syria, all which have helped turn Hezbollah into what could be Israel's most dangerous enemy in a generation.

    The bill also requires that President Obama report to Congress on Hezbollah's involvement in its drug business, money laundering, and other criminal activities--all of which are critical to funding its terrorism.

    We cannot jeopardize our national security and continue to ignore the serious threat that Hezbollah poses to our country and to our allies, including Israel. While this bill is not a silver bullet, it is a huge step in the right direction.

    I thank the chairman and the committee for their work on this important measure.

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