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  • Help for Small Businesses

    by Representative Ryan A. Costello

    Posted on 2015-01-13

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    COSTELLO of Pennsylvania. Mr. Speaker, we were sent to Washington by our constituents to work together to encourage accountability, transparency, and limited government. Bigger government does not necessarily mean more responsive government, but it has come to mean more costly government.

    When our small businesses and entrepreneurs, the backbone of our economy, are forced to divert resources to costly new mandates, it means less capital for growing their business, less capital to hire more employees, less money to raise employee wages.

    Two statistics, to me, jump out. First, 64 percent of the new jobs created in this country in the past 15 years have been through small businesses. Last year alone, new regulations cost our economy $67 billion.

    We are going to be dealing with several regulatory reform measures this week, bipartisan pieces of legislation that will modernize the Federal rulemaking process and put more power back in the hands of job creators.

    We need to help those who are too often squeezed by regulation the most: small businesses. We need to give them a larger voice in the process. We need to be a country that continues to welcome new ideas and innovation, not a nation that overregulates from Washington and inhibits our full economic potential.

    I look forward to forthcoming regulatory reform measures to help streamline our government, get Washington out of the way, bring stability and certainty to small businesses, and help grow our economy.


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