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  • Happy 100Th Birthday Wishes to Anna Hubbard

    by Representative Steve Stivers

    Posted on 2013-03-14

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    STIVERS of ohio in the house of representatives Thursday, March 14, 2013 Mr. STIVERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise to wish a very special constituent, Anna Hubbard, a happy 100th birthday.

    Hubbard was born March 13, 1913, to Jordan Hager and Malinda Arizona Coleman in Jamboree, Kentucky. She was one of ten children, nine of whom survived, living in a three-room house with no living room. Her family used any means at their disposal to put food on the table, such as selling the excess vegetables from their garden.

    After eighth grade graduation, Anna took a couple years off before moving on to Phelps High School, where she cooked, cleaned, and laundered bed clothes to earn her $12 monthly room and board fee. She graduated in three years.

    Anna raised her four children by herself after she was widowed when her husband, Pike County Deputy Sheriff Home Wolford, was shot and killed in the line of duty. To help support her family, she opened up a lunch room called Cozy Corner.

    In 1944, Anna married Dewey Hubbard. He worked in the mines for the next 20 years, and they were able to buy a nice home. She moved to London, Ohio, two years ago to be closer to her son, Bill.

    Anna's hard work and perseverance serve as a lesson to us all. Despite her hardships, she always provided for her children and, above all, valued family and education. I would again like to congratulate Anna Hubbard on her 100th birthday, and I ask that all Members of Congress stand with me to congratulate her for her hard work and exceptional life. She is an outstanding example of the accomplished people who make Ohio's 15th Congressional District truly exceptional.


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