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  • Gun Violence Prevention

    by Representative John Lewis

    Posted on 2016-07-14

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    LEWIS asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. LEWIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise because I cannot believe it. I cannot believe that the Republican Members of Congress would leave Washington, the Nation's Capital, for 7\1/2\ weeks without taking a single step to respond to the real suffering, the real pain, the real hurt, the real despair of the American people.

    Mr. Speaker, there is so much hurt, so much hate, so much violence. We have a moral obligation, a mission, and a mandate to do something about gun violence. Too many of our sisters and brothers have suffered. Too many have lost their lives. They have lost too many of our children, too many of our mothers and fathers, too many of our friends and neighbors.

    Where are the leaders? Do you have any courage, Republican Members of Congress? Where is your leadership? It is a disgrace, it is a shame that you would leave Washington and not do anything about gun violence.


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