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  • Gun Violence Prevention

    by Representative Grace F. Napolitano

    Posted on 2016-07-13

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    NAPOLITANO asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.) Mrs. NAPOLITANO. Madam Speaker, I want to bring to light the fact that we are still trying to get two bills passed in the House. How many more innocent lives will be lost before that happens? My people, everybody's people, the American people want gun reform. My Republican colleagues are blocking the vote. But we need to have a voice. No more silence.

    Stop blaming mental health issues for mass shootings. The fact is, more often they are the victims rather than the perpetrators. Anger, hate, and racism are the main causes of mass shootings.

    Reducing the mental health stigma would save lives, as two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. I encourage those who need help, to seek help, reduce self-harm, and learn the signs of mental illness. We need to focus on prevention and training, especially of police and the public, on mental health, not more guns. We need to educate youth on how to peacefully resolve problems by conflict resolution and anger management.

    We must change the culture of violence. Violent images are too common in media, entertainment, and video games. Learn to have less hatred, more tolerance, and focus on what unites us.

    Allow us a vote to prevent terrorists and others on the no-fly list from buying guns and universal background checks for guns.


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