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    Gun Violence

    by Former Representative James P. Moran

    Posted on 2013-02-27

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    MORAN. I thank the very distinguished gentlelady from California.

    Thank you for heroically sharing with us the horrific experience that you went through in your very early adulthood. That, understandably, continues to shape your view of gun violence. Hopefully, others will share that view without having to go through such a horrific experience, but thank you particularly for putting a face on the tragedy at Newtown and on the gun violence that we have experienced all too often in this country.

    I do think that the tragedy of 20 tiny, little children being blown to bits has changed the conversation and has changed the attitude of the American people, as evidenced by the 92 percent who understand that universal background checks are appropriate. In fact, more than three- quarters of NRA members believe that to be the case, despite what Mr. LaPierre's official position is. It would seem that, perhaps, he is more interested in representing the gun manufacturers than the members of the association.

    I also learned today, as many of us did, that the chair of our Judiciary Committee, out of concern for the inconvenience that it may cause gun purchasers, has decided that the Judiciary Committee is not going to be considering universal background checks.

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