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  • Gun Control and Americans’ Second Amendment Rights

    by Representative Gary J. Palmer

    Posted on 2016-01-06

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    PALMER. Mr. Speaker, the President's executive orders relating to gun control are a major distraction from the real national security issues.

    Frankly, I think dealing with ISIS and confronting Iran over their violations of this administration's agreement with them and securing our borders are of greater importance than pushing gun control measures that will do little to protect us.

    Apparently, this administration is more concerned about 4 million senior citizens on Social Security owning a gun than they are about a nuclear-armed Iran or terrorists crossing our unsecured borders.

    The fact that millions of Americans have purchased firearms over the weeks following the shootings in San Bernardino is indicative that they have lost confidence in this administration's ability to protect them. They are literally taking personal responsibility for their own safety. It could be argued that these Americans are creating their own homeland security.

    Pushing executive orders for more gun control that exceed the President's constitutional authority will not only do little to improve our national security, it will do little to increase the public's confidence in this administration's policies for protecting our homeland.

    Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to oppose this latest abuse and overreach of executive authority and reassert the lawmaking authority of Congress.

    I urge all my colleagues in the House to focus our attention on defeating ISIS, on restraining Iran, and on securing our borders in order to protect American citizens right here in our homeland.

    Mr. Speaker, I commend the gentleman from Indiana for leading this Special Order for this critical discussion.

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