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  • Government Shutdown

    by Representative Janice D. Schakowsky

    Posted on 2013-09-27

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    SCHAKOWSKY asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Ms. SCHAKOWSKY. Mr. Speaker, we stand here today on the brink of a threatened shutdown of the Federal Government--bad enough--and worse, a refusal to pay the bills of the United States of America. These are completely unnecessary, Republican-manufactured crises.

    Hal Rogers, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, said: A government shutdown is a political game in which everyone loses.

    Karl Rove said: A shutdown now would have much worse fallout than in 1995. It is an ill-conceived tactic, and Republicans should reject it.

    In a moment of clarity, Senator Mike Lee, one of the Senators holding up the bill in the Senate, said: Shutdowns are bad; shutdowns are not worth it. This law, ObamaCare, is not worth causing a shutdown over.

    This is former-Senator Judd Gregg: A default would lead to some level of chaos in the debt markets, which would lead to a significant contraction in economic activity, which would lead to job losses, which would [[Page H5888]] lead to higher spending by the Federal Government and lower tax revenues, which would lead to more debt.

    Perhaps most important to my Republican colleagues, this is from The Wall Street Journal: Some Republicans think they are sure to hold the House in 2014. The Kamikazes could end up ensuring the return of an all-Democratic rule.


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