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  • Government Funding

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2015-09-24

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    REID. Mr. President, in just 6 days, the government will shut down unless we figure out some way to fund it. We know how it should be funded. But instead of voting today on a bipartisan way forward, we will still have another failed vote, even though the Senate has already spoken on this issue. Instead of using the Senate's precious time to avoid a shutdown, Republicans are causing us to move forward on another squandered vote.

    Republicans should abandon their commitment to fruitless votes and pass a clean funding bill to keep the government open. As reported in the press, there is a conversation going on now with the White House and with the House and Senate leaders to have funding until the end of the year, not for a few weeks, not for a few months. I think we have done our part over on this side of the aisle. We communicated our priorities and tried to sit down at the negotiating table, ready to keep the government open.

    Inserting into this debate a meaningless, losing attack on women is just a waste of time, but they have decided--they the Republicans have decided--once again to place partisan, ideological agendas over the well-being of the Nation. To drag this partisan attack on any further when we are facing a government shutdown is not responsible. The Republicans should change their tactics. When Republicans gained control of the Senate, we were told that there would be no government shutdowns. But do we need the fear of a government shutdown? Shutting down is bad, the threat of a shutdown is not good, but here we stand, days before funding for the government expires, wasting time on publicity stunts.

    Every moment Republicans squander on pointless votes brings us closer to an unfunded Federal Government. Wasting time also leads to a void for shutdown advocates. Just last night, all over the news, it was reported that the junior Senator from Texas is going to extreme lengths to undermine the complete funding of our government. He is circulating a letter seeking support for a failed strategy that can only have one outcome: a government shutdown.

    I would hope my Republican colleagues will not join in that, not for a minute, not for any period of time. I say to my friends from the other side of the aisle: Stop this brinksmanship. Instead, work with Democrats to ensure we have an open, funded government serving the American people.

    I see there are Senators on the floor. Would the Presiding Officer be good enough to announce the business of the day.


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