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  • Gop Budget

    by Representative Judy Chu

    Posted on 2013-03-19

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    CHU asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Ms. CHU. Two thousand dollars; $2,000 is what you will lose if the Republican Paul Ryan budget goes through.

    What does $2,000 mean to you? For a single mom, it could mean the difference between feeding her family or seeing her kids go hungry. For hardworking Americans, it could mean the car payment, or gas money, or prescription drug money that you need to pay each and every month. But to the GOP, $2,000 is the amount they are taxing middle-class families in their ``new budget,'' the Paul Ryan budget.

    But not everybody has to pay more. The truth is that in this budget, if you're an oil company or corporation taking jobs overseas or a yacht owner, you have nothing to fear with the GOP budget. Your lifestyle is totally secure.

    Once again, working families will pay more so the rich can pay less. For the sake of middle class Americans, we must oppose the Ryan budget.


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