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  • Future Forum: Climate Change

    by Representative Eric Swalwell

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    SWALWELL of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to kick off the latest Future Forum Special Order hour. Today we will be talking about something of unique importance to millennials across the United States and, in fact, the world: climate change and what we do about it.

    Joining me today are Members from across our country. We have Congressman Boyle from the Philadelphia area, Congressman Lieu from the Los Angeles area, and Congressman Gallego from the Phoenix area.

    Why is the risk of climate change so unique and important to millennials? Well, they know that the very world in which they live-- and the one that we will give to our children--is in danger of experiencing catastrophic environmental changes. It is our future that is on the line, and it is our future that is in danger.

    I also encourage anyone watching this to participate in the conversation at #futureforum, and I will engage our Members under that hashtag.

    First, I want to start with Congressman Lieu.

    I would ask you, Congressman, in the Los Angeles area, a place where young people are thriving and young people across the world are moving to, what are you hearing from millennials in the Los Angeles area? Is it anything like what I heard in southern California when Scott Peters and I were down there last month and we talked to students at the University of California, San Diego, and we had a word cloud? This is where you ask participants in the audience to text in what issue is most important to them, and the one that is more important gets bigger and bigger in font size. As you can see here in this photograph, climate was the number one issue on the minds of people down in San Diego. Is that what you are hearing in the Los Angeles area? I yield to the gentleman from California (Mr. Ted Lieu).

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