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  • Future Forum: Climate Change

    by Representative Brendan F. Boyle

    Posted on 2015-12-16

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    BOYLE of Pennsylvania. First, I just want to commend the gentleman Mr. Swalwell for his excellent leadership when it comes to this issue of utmost importance to our generation, but also to all the other issues that face our generation, especially the student loan debt issue that he and I have spoken about a number of times here on this House floor.

    [[Page H9361]] With respect to climate change, this should not be a partisan issue. Indeed, in Europe, for decades, centre-right parties acknowledged and still to this day acknowledge the existence of global climate change and work to address it.

    Here in the United States, however, it has, unfortunately, become a partisan issue. Yet, what is so interesting is that, when I go about my district in Philadelphia and in suburban Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and I speak specifically to small-business owners, small-business owners, by the way, at least half of whom are probably Republican, each and every one of them is talking to me about ways and investments that they are making to ensure that they can get more bang for their buck when it comes to energy and things that they are doing, investments that they are making to ensure that we do better as far as the environment, yet at the same time also reduce costs.

    I did a tour back in the spring of a major company in my district that has made a massive investment in terms of solar panels on the roofs. This is a major facility, a family-owned business. This is not an insignificant amount of money they have spent in terms of this investment. They would not be doing so if they thought this was a hoax. They would not be doing so if they thought, by transitioning to renewables, they are able to bring down their energy costs and pour more money back into their business.

    We need to end, especially in this House, this false dichotomy between doing what is right for our economy and doing what is right for our climate and for the next generation. The fact is, if we are smart and show the best of American ingenuity, we can do both.

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