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  • Funding Alzheimer’s Research

    by Representative Dana Rohrabacher

    Posted on 2015-02-10

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    ROHRABACHER. Will the gentleman yield? Mr. GARAMENDI. I yield to the gentleman from California.

    Mr. ROHRABACHER. Let me just note that I have been here 26 years, and I have always tried to vote for increases in the specific level of funding for the National Institutes of Health, which, of course, oversees much of this health research that we are talking about today. I know we have people coming in all the time talking to us. They want us to sign onto a bill to increase this particular disease or that particular disease.

    But I think the approach that we have to have is basically let's provide as much money as we can to this type of research and programs by people who are the experts, and let them determine where is the best use of our limited research money. So I have been very much supportive of your efforts and the other efforts of many bipartisan people in this Congress.

    I would like to add that we can't just rely on the government. The next speech I will be giving in a few moments deals with the patent issue. We need to make sure that people in the private sector will be encouraged to invest in new types of technology and new types of approaches to curing these problems, like medical equipment and things that will really help save people.

    I know Al Mann, for example, has a new inhalant so that 60 percent of the people who now use needles for diabetes won't have to use them. They can just do a little inhale before every meal.

    {time} 2000 It took him 10 years to get that through the FDA--10 years. We need to make sure the FDA is doing its job, and we need to make sure those people who are out in the private sector who are investing in new medical technologies have a way to recoup their money. At the same time, like you are focusing on tonight, we have to make sure the government is doing its part both in patents and in the FDA and, especially, for the National Institutes of Health. So thank you very much for what you are doing.

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