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  • Fighting Terrorism Around the World

    by Representative Todd C. Young

    Posted on 2015-11-16

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    YOUNG of Indiana. I want to thank my colleague from Pennsylvania for his hard work and leadership on this issue.

    Mr. Speaker, tonight, this Hoosier rises in solidarity with our French brethren.

    Fourteen years ago, on September 11, when radical terrorists struck at the heart of the United States, France stood by us. In one of America's darkest hours, when no words seemed to adequately express the shock and sadness we felt, it was our French allies who famously evoked the phrase: ``We are all Americans.'' Sadly, last Friday evening, on November 13, 2015, France was similarly subjected to multiple acts of terror in Paris. Now, it is our turn to offer our support to the fallen, to their families, and to all of France. Today, Mr. Speaker, we Americans stand with the people of France.

    Our ties with France date back hundreds of years, to the days of the American Revolutionary War. Our shared values, our respect for liberty, equality, and democracy, have bound our two great nations through centuries of conflict and peace.

    So, tonight, on behalf of the citizens of Indiana, I send my sincere thoughts and prayers to the Parisians so devastated by this atrocity. Together, we will restore France. Together, we will defend civilization against barbarianism, and together we can endeavor to eliminate ISIS.

    [[Page H8234]] In the wake of this sorrow, we must reflect on what led to this attack on innocent civilians. And then we must, as we say in the Marines, ``adapt, improvise, and overcome.'' We must find ways to prevent future attacks from occurring on our soil and the soil of our allies across the Atlantic. This won't be without risk. Leadership never is. At this critical juncture, I hope Congress stands ready to support the administration, to encourage its development of a winning strategy that doesn't purport to merely contain ISIS but instead turns the tide of radicalism in the region and eradicates this radical brand of terror.

    {time} 2130 This is no time for half measures, Mr. Speaker. It will be imperative for the United States to coordinate with France and our other NATO allies on a joint strategy to defeat ISIS, to eliminate this evil.

    This is, of course, no time for political posturing, empty rhetoric or gamesmanship. It is a time for unity. I look forward to working with my colleagues and working with our Commander in Chief on a war strategy that will annihilate the radical Islamic state, keep the American people safe, and return Syria to its people.

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