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  • Fighting Terrorism Around the World

    by Representative Renee L. Ellmers

    Posted on 2015-11-16

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    ELLMERS of North Carolina. I want to thank the gentleman from Pennsylvania for his leadership on this issue and for holding this very important leadership hour talking about the issues that obviously affect our allies in the world but also the safety of the American people.

    [[Page H8233]] As we are discussing these issues and the views that are taking place and the discussion and the debate that is going to be had on this issue, I think it is important, again, that we remember this is an American national security issue, and we in the House have to be as vigilant and as strong as we can be on the issue.

    The attacks carried out on Friday by radical Islamic extremists can only be described as barbaric, and we are responding with force. Yet, this morning, the President announced at a G-20 summit in Turkey that there ``wouldn't be any major changes to the approach taken against ISIS.'' The President's passive approach has proven to be no deterrent to these Islamic extremists, and it is time that he implement a clear and comprehensive strategy to completely destroy ISIS abroad, on their soil, so that we are not fighting them on ours.

    This is an issue of American national security. Additionally, this is why again and again I have repeatedly called on the need to secure our border and repair our broken immigration system to keep these threats out.

    It has never been a matter of if, but a matter of when, we might face this type of attack here at home. Time has shown that it is up to us in the House to be the voice of strength for the American people.

    As we work together to determine a stronger path forward, we will proudly stand with our allies--as they did with us--against these extreme forces of evil.

    We will continue to hold the people of France in our prayers.

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